7 Hacks for Peripheral Neuropathy

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with peripheral neuropathy, as each person’s situation is unique. Symptoms vary from patient to patient and include tingling, numbness, hypersensitivity and intense, jarring […]

What Are Peripheral Nerves?

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Our nervous system consists of the central and peripheral nervous system. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition involving damage to the peripheral nerves. So, what are peripheral nerves? Let’s look inside a […]

5 Questions About Invisible Illness

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1. What is an invisible illness?  An invisible illness is any medical condition that isn’t outwardly visible to others, even healthcare professionals, making it challenging for both patients and doctors […]

Peripheral Neuropathy and Nutrition

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 Controlling blood sugar levels Persons with diabetes must regularly check their blood sugar levels to ensure they are within a healthy range. It is important to manage carbohydrate intake […]

Living Safely with Peripheral Neuropathy

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36 million people suffer from falls each year, resulting in about 32,000 deaths. In the US, 3 million senior adults are treated for injuries caused by falls due to avoidable […]

National Neuropathy Awareness Week

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May 1-8, 2022 is National Neuropathy Awareness Week. An estimated 20 million Americans suffer from some type of peripheral neuropathy. WinSanTor aims to spread awareness about this condition, which affects […]

Peripheral Neuropathy and Invisible Illness

Peripheral neuropathy is one condition that, for many, is considered an invisible illness. The term “invisible illness” refers to any medical condition that is not outwardly visible to others, even […]