Why Is My Peripheral Neuropathy Worse at Night?

Senior Asian man sitting in bed cannot sleep from insomnia

Why does neuropathic pain flare up at night? Although sleep issues may not seem like the most significant issue when managing peripheral neuropathy, it is essential to tackle both neuropathy […]

Peripheral Neuropathy and Amyloidosis

Senior man contemplating at home

The connection between peripheral neuropathy and amyloidosis is often overlooked and yet to be fully understood. With March being Amyloidosis Awareness Month, much is to be said and learned about […]

Allodynia vs. Hyperalgesia: What’s the Difference?

Senior Asian woman rubbing her hands in discomfort, suffering from pain in her hand while sitting on sofa at home. Elderly and health issues concept

Allodynia and hyperalgesia are conditions associated with neuropathy pain. In fact, research shows that both conditions are observed in 15-20% of patients suffering from neuropathic pain. When it comes to […]

Peripheral Neuropathy and Sexual Dysfunction

Shot of a woman looking upset while her husband sleeps in the background

Peripheral neuropathy is often associated with a loss of feeling, muscle weakness, or numbing sensation in the extremities, primarily in the hands and feet. Since this type of neuropathy is […]

Exercising With Peripheral Neuropathy

Shot of a senior man working out with dumbbells

Exercising with peripheral neuropathy can be challenging, as individuals may experience enhanced pain or numbness in their extremities during physical activity. Despite these difficulties, it is important to pursue physical […]