Winsantor Investments & Fundraising

A portion of our funding for 2019 and 2020 was provided by the Canadian and US governments. However, we will require an additional $5-7M to complete all the current (Phase 2) planned studies in Canada and the US, to explore other indications beyond diabetic peripheral neuropathy in North America and Asia, and to initiate programs that will deepen our pipeline of new drugs and new indications.

We have several options for this funding. We are actively seeking partnerships with regional pharmaceutical companies. In the US, we are seeking venture capitalists, angel investors and family offices. Additionally, we have a number of grants that are forthcoming for 2020. No stone will be left unturned in our search for typical and atypical sources of funding.

Phase 3 will be extensive in any indication, particularly in diabetic peripheral neuropathy and expensive. We are exploring ways to fund Phase 3 trials and prepare for commercialization, including possibly seeking public funding through an IPO or a larger investor.

Many of you have asked about helping the company with our fundraising. If you have any suggestions or leads, please submit queries to WinSanTor’s investors department by contacting us: