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Our aim is to change the current state of neuropathy in three to five years, by bringing to market a first-in-class, true cure for diabetic neuropathy. WinSanTor has identified a novel therapeutic approach to reverse early diabetic neuropathy. WinSanTor’s lead compound, WST57, shows the ability to prevent nerve damage and re-grow damaged nerves. With its well-known safety profile , WST57 is on track to accelerated regulatory approval and the clinic.

We are strategically expanding WST57’s indications to all neuropathies, such as chemo induced and HIV related. Additionally, WST57 is just one compound we are investigating in a family of promising compounds that we have exclusive world wide rights to.

WinSanTor has secured exclusive, worldwide rights to relevant intellectual property from the University of Manitoba for WST57 and the underlying class of compounds to diabetic neuropathy, with negotiations in progress for additional indications. WinSanTor has a multi-tier strategy to develop a platform of therapies to treat peripheral neuropathy. These include commercializing existing compounds for novel indications and developing entirely new chemical classes of compounds.

WST57 is the only compound that shows the ability to prevent nerve damage and re-grow damaged nerves. WST57 is an existing compound with a well-known safety profile that has been screened for novel uses and further developed with a proprietary delivery technology.