Proof-of-Concept Study Revisited

The scientific founders of WinSanTor discovered a class of compounds that appears to reverse the damage associated with peripheral neuropathy, specifically by increasing nerve growth and improving the associated symptoms. One of these, WST-023, was tested in a double-blinded, placebo-controlled study of 46 patients. A preliminary analysis of the data was published at the American Diabetes Association conference last year. The study has now been finalized and the results were presented at the Neurodiab conference in Spain. The results were much better than what was previously reported. Our hope is for our drugs to cause nerve growth, improve quality of life, return function and reverse pain. This study provides strong support of that—at least in comparison to the placebo control group which saw little if any statistically significant improvement. This gives us confidence—and a template—for our ongoing studies with WST-057.