Reddit Open Question AMA

Earlier this year, WinSanTor CEO, Stanley Kim, and project scientist, Katie E. Frizzi, held an open-question AMA on Reddit. Below are some of the most informative questions and answers posted.

Q: How exactly does your drug work? 

A: Our drug provides a supportive environment for nerves and encourages their regrowth.

Q: How safe is your drug?

A: The active ingredient in WST-057 was approved in other countries as a pill for stomach ulcers for nearly 30 years, but never approved here due to marketing purposes. Our drug in its current form has shown no adverse affects during Phase 1 (safety) trials.

Q: Will I need a prescription?

A: Yes

Q: Is it available now in any other country?

A: WST-057 is not currently available in any other country. In full disclosure, people have found some of the original pills, but it appears that such high amounts would have to be taken orally that other complications arise (I would not recommend it).

Q: Any indications that the treatment might work for those with idiopathic forms?

A: Idiopathic is tough for clinical studies or for approval. It is PN with an unknown cause. And with so many different symptoms, it will be hard for us to run trials for idiopathic peripheral neuropathy.

Q: Is there a reason you have chosen to use a topical application of the drug versus oral?

A: People have tried taking this drug orally for peripheral neuropathy, but the doses needed for it to be effective seem to be too high for the oral route. The side effects at those doses are limiting. By using the drug topically we can virtually eliminate all side effects and have minimal interactions with other medications our patients may be on.

Q: Is there any chance something like this could eventually help people who need nerve growth and function restoration.

A: Right now the focus of our research is on small unmyelinated nerves. We don’t currently have any data on if and how our drug affects myelination. If our company continues to grow and move forward it is definitely something we’d be interested in looking into.

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