Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

WinSanTor is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of treatments for peripheral neuropathies, including diabetic peripheral neuropathy, chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy and HIV-induced peripheral neuropathy. Learn more about WinSanTor and our mission.

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We are developing a proprietary first-in-class therapy to prevent and reverse nerve damage. Our lead/first compound, WST-057, is a well-characterized, previously approved drug with an established safety history that has been used for many years against an unrelated indication. This allows us a direct path to market, reducing development, time, and cost with a drug that is patented as a new formulation with novel indications. Learn about our drug’s mechanism.

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We are exploiting every strategy, mechanism, and regulation to accelerate approval of our drugs, including recycling a previously approved safe drug. By focusing on patient impact rather than the bottom line, we believe we’re creating a new sustainable model for pharma companies based on patient need, not just money.