Stan Kim

Understanding Pain: Acute vs. Chronic

Senior Asian woman sitting in the living room at home and showing body aches, aging sickness, body aches of elderly people.

Acute pain: a short-term alarm Acute pain is akin to an alarm bell, alerting us immediately to potential harm. It can arise from various causes, including surgery, broken bones, dental […]

Beyond Pain Management: Breaking From the Past

Older man with back pain.

The importance of understanding inflammation in pain resolution Inflammation is more than a mere symptom of injury or infection. It plays a pivotal role in tissue repair and pain resolution, […]

How to Manage Peripheral Neuropathy During Extreme Heat

a woman sitting on the floor inside her house after working out and hydrating herself with a bottle of water.

Does chronic pain get worse with warmer temperatures? A number of factors can affect chronic conditions such as peripheral neuropathy. Patients enduring chronic pain frequently highlight how weather fluctuations exacerbate […]

The Best Low-Impact Exercises for Peripheral Neuropathy

Multi-ethnic group of adults practicing tai chi in park. Main focus on Asian woman.

Low-impact exercises for neuropathy Walking: Incorporating regular exercise into your routine, such as engaging in weekly walking sessions, can ease neuropathy pain, enhance muscle strength and effectively manage blood sugar […]