Dealing with Peripheral Neuropathy: Summer Edition

Have you been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy? We can help.

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For some who suffer from peripheral neuropathy, the heat may alleviate neuropathy symptoms. For others, it may do the opposite. Here are four tips to stay safe while making the most of this season.


Setting a routine can help you stay fit and healthy. Keep yourself hydrated and add a lot of fresh vegetables to your meals. If you have plans for events such as barbecues or weddings, make arrangements for the food you are comfortable eating — these arrangements will help you stay at ease and worry less. Taking rest is important to living a healthy life. Neuropathy symptoms and chronic pain can be physically exhausting and proper rest may help you pace yourself.

Staying active in the summer

Regular exercise can not only help one stay active but also improve mood, combat pain and increase overall health. It helps increase the blood flow to our extremities that reduces stress and nerve damage that can minimize discomfort and pain. It also helps reduce the pressure on the peripheral blood vessels by dilating arterioles. Taking short walks around the block can help you stay fit while enjoying the weather. However, do it safely with proper footwear and a caregiver, if needed.

Summer self-care

Icing helps decrease inflammation, neuroplasticity and numbness. Consult your doctor if symptoms persist. Drinking beverages, especially water, will help keep you hydrated. For some patients, having a caretaker means assistance with outdoor safety and medication management. Caregivers can also help you plan your day outdoors so you can have safe, worry-free fun in the sun.

Planning and research

Making an itinerary before your summer outing can reduce stress. Research the location you will be visiting and the type of activities involved. Carry enough water to stay hydrated and wear proper shoes to ensure your feet are protected at all times. For shade at the beach or a park, bring a chair and/or an umbrella. Wear comfortable clothes that don’t restrict your circulation and carry a hat and sunglasses to protect yourself from the harsh sun.

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Have you been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy? We can help.