Our Mission

WinSanTor’s mission is simple-develop a drug that works. We recognize that there are no treatments for this disease today. Thus, WinSanTor is striving to impact the lives of today’s patients heavily burdened by peripheral neuropathy.

We are impatient. We are exploiting every strategy, mechanism, and regulation to accelerate approval of our drugs, including recycling a previously approved safe drug. Phase 1 is complete and we are now starting phase 2. Our goal is to get drug approval in the US by 2021 and perhaps sooner elsewhere. By focusing on patient impact rather than the bottom line, we believe we’re creating a new sustainable model for pharma companies based on patient need, not just money.

“We have found what appears to be the first disease-modifying treatment for neuropathy… We [can] prevent and reverse the disease, which is pretty amazing.”

– Stanley Kim