Our Solution to Peripheral Neuropathy

WinSanTor is developing a proprietary first-in-class therapy to prevent and reverse nerve damage. Our team has identified a novel biological phenomenon termed “neuronal cholinergic constraint” that inhibits neuronal growth, and is developing compounds that overcome this constraint by promoting nerve recovery after toxic or metabolic injury. Our lead/first compound, WST-057, is a well-characterized, previously approved drug with an established safety history that has been used for many years against an unrelated indication. This allows WinSanTor a direct path to market, reducing development, time, and cost with a drug that is patented as a new formulation with novel indications.

WST-057 is just one compound we are investigating in a family of promising compounds that we have exclusive worldwide rights to. We are strategically expanding WST-057’s indications to all neuropathies, such as chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) and HIV-related peripheral neuropathy (HIV-PN).

Our Drug

Although several compounds (all of which WinSanTor retains the rights for) were identified as potential candidates, WST-057 was chosen for its significant safety profile in millions of people over several decades as an oral drug for peptic ulcers. WST-057 was previously approved in several countries in Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It was not submitted to the FDA for approval and thus, in the United States, it is deemed an NCE in any formulation. WST-057 is therefore a proprietary topical reformulation of an existing (off-patent) oral drug repurposed to be more conducive to treating patients with peripheral neuropathy.