WinSanTor is a clinical stage company focused on the accelerated development
of the first treatment to prevent and reverse peripheral neuropathy.

"To feel our ill is one thing, to cure it is another" (Ovid)

"Great healers, people of divine realization, do not cure by chance but
by exact knowledge." (Paramahansa Yoganandu)


A True Cure for Neuropathy


Neuropathy affects nearly 1 in 15 Americans. It is one of the largest unmet medical challenges existing today, with no FDA approved treatments outside analgesics.




WinSanTor has discovered a class of compounds that PREVENT and REVERSE peripheral neuropathy. Our preclinical results validate the discovery of a novel pathway to augment nerve growth and sensory function.



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We are focused on managing global resources to accelerate the development of the first effective treatment for patients of diabetic neuropathy.



Recent News

Our Solution

WinSanTor is developing a proprietary first-in-class therapy to prevent and reverse nerve damage. Our lead compound, WST57, is a well-characterized off-patent compound with an established safety history that has been used for many years against an unrelated indication, this may allow a direct path to market and reducing development time and cost.

WST57 prevents, mitochondrial dysfunction, nerve fiber depletion and sensory loss in several distinct animal models of peripheral neuropathy.

We are strategically expanding WST57’s indications to all neuropathies, such as chemo induced and HIV related. Additionally, WST57 is just one compound we are investigating in a family of promising compounds that we have exclusive world wide rights to.

Conquering Diabetic Neuropathy

Drs. Calcutt and Fernyhough on WST57 and on treating and preventing nerve damage caused by diabetes.