No one should suffer from neuropathy. Join us for our drug’s clinical trial.

Unmet Need

Neuropathy is very common, and it’s estimated that at least 8% of the world's population has it. The United States alone has over 40 million people suffering from neuropathy, and their associated health costs exceed $4 billion annually. Presently, over 50% of diabetics, 20% of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and at least 10% of the US population 40 years and older will be diagnosed with neuropathy.

Regenerating Peripheral Nerves

We are working to prevent and reverse nerve damage associated with peripheral neuropathy through the repair and regrowth of peripheral nerves. Our results validate the discovery of a pathway to regenerate peripheral nerves and reduce symptoms associated with peripheral nerve damage.


Who We Are:
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We have one mission—impact patients’ lives. We follow the science to lead us to this goal. Currently, we are focused on managing global resources to accelerate the development of potentially disease-modifying treatments for patients with peripheral neuropathy.


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What is HIV-Induced Neuropathy?

Causes of HIV-induced neuropathy Neuropathy in individuals with HIV can result from various factors. The virus triggers inflammation that harms nerves, contributing to the condition. Certain drugs, referred to as

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Recent News


WinSanTor Inc. is a private biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of treatments for peripheral neuropathies. WinSanTor recently completed Phase 1 trials for its lead drug, WST-057, and will begin recruiting for its Phase 2 trials in Canada to treat patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.