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Neuropathy affects nearly 1 in 15 Americans. It is one of the largest unmet medical challenges existing today, with no FDA-approved treatments outside analgesics.

Peripheral Neuropathies


We are working to treat peripheral neuropathy by reversing and regenerating nerves. Our results validate the discovery of a pathway to augment nerve growth and sensory function.

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We are focused on managing global resources to accelerate the development of treatment for patients with peripheral neuropathy.


Meet June

June is an 85-year-old woman who got neuropathy from the radiation treatment for her breast cancer. She has lost feeling in her feet and experiences numbing in her calves. Like so many others, she now has to use a walker.

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CBD has been popularized for numerous health benefits, including chronic pain and anxiety. Learn the effects of cannabis on peripheral neuropathy and its relationship with neuropathic pain.

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Peripheral neuropathy and related conditions are difficult to live with. Learn about cannabis and how it can be used for neuropathy pain:

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WinSanTor Inc. is a private biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of treatments for peripheral neuropathies. WinSanTor recently completed Phase 1 trials for its lead drug, WST-057, and will begin recruiting for its Phase 2 trials in Canada to treat patients with diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

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