Peripheral Neuropathy Drug Pipeline

Our aim is to change the current state of neuropathy in three to five years by bringing to market hope for peripheral neuropathy sufferers. WinSanTor’s lead compound, WST-057, shows the ability to prevent nerve damage and re-grow damaged nerves. With its well-known safety profile, WST-057 is on track to an accelerated regulatory approval and to the clinic.

Phase 1 is complete. Topical WST-057 was proven to be safe and tolerable when administered to healthy volunteers for 14 days.

We are currently recruiting for our Phase 2 trials in Canada. For more information on this study, visit the clinical trial page.

In summer 2019, we met with the US FDA to discuss trials in the United States to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathy. For registration (approval) of our drug in any country, we will need to run a large Phase 3 pivotal study—a global study with many different sites and multiple clinicians—that tests for adverse effects and efficacy. We will be seeking assistance from the public to help us find suitable sites. In parallel, we are preparing studies in other indications such as chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy.